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New Theories in Modern Physics and Science



Amr M. A. Morsi

Ain Shams University, 2000

Email: amrmorsi77@yahoo.com






This site deals with physics through all branches and specializations. It tries to shed the light upon major points and problems encountered in physics. New ideas and theories, innovated by Amr Morsi, are being published time by time, hoping that it would introduce something new to engineering, mathematics, physics and to the science in general (Politics, Economics, Socialitics, Biology and Religion are excluded in this site).





1. The Unity Theory


2. Photonic Quantum Electrodynamics


3. MathWorld v1.1 Mathematics Processing Program


4. Curved Wave Guides


5. Nano-Technology Building Blocks


6. Linear Ordinary Differential Equation


7. General Law For Integration


8. Nohonogeneous Linear Constant Coefficient ODE


9. Radiating Modes in Step-Index Circular Optical Fibers


10. Acceleration in Special and General Relativity


11. PQED Applications


12. MABCD Circuit


13. General Law of Viscosity


14. UT-Supplementary Information


15. Optical Fibers Data Networks


16. Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence Basics and Building-Blocks





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Wishing you best interest and happiness

Love and regards

Amr Morsi

A thinker